Callaway GPSync Golf Watch Review

Callaway GPSync Golf Watch

The Review

The golf GPS watch has increasingly become popular with golf enthusiasts. The golf GPS watches give you accurate distance information in yardages while on the golf course.

So if you want to know how many yards/ meters you’re to the pin, then you should consider getting a GPS watch. But with so many brands in the market today, it can be overwhelming finding the right device that meets your needs. However, in this article,
we have provided detailed Callaway GPSync Golf Watch Review as one of the best golfGPS watches that worth considering.

The Callaway GPSync Golf Watch is uniquely designed to help you make the correct decisions as well as shots while on the golf course, thus resulting in better-quality scores.
The watch comes preloaded with more than 30, 000 international golf courses which you can easily with your smartphone for easy access.

The device is water-resistant since it comes with 1ATM water resistance. Meaning that you use in wet conditions without worrying about the watch getting damaged (can’t be used for swimming.)

What you will love most about this device is that you can connect it with Bluetooth-enabled devices including your Android or Apple smartphone.

By installing the GPSync App on your smartphone or Apple, you can easily receive important notifications on your watch including the text messages, missed calls, or even emails. Also, with the help Bluetooth connectivity, you can automatically update your scores online.

The Callaway GPSync Golf Watch also features an odometer that keeps tracks of the distance you have traveled. This means you can uniquely track your fitness activity even when you’re not playing golf.

The Callaway GPSync Golf Watch is definitely worth buying.

Another amazing thing is that you can use the watch to display the time digitally and can also view the time as an analog face. Also, it has an alarm setting with 3 different alarm times you can set up.

Key Features of Callaway GPSync Golf Watch

  • Preloaded with more than 30, 000 worldwide golf courses
  • Displays yardages to the front, center, and back of the green
  • Has short-distance and score-keeper features
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last up to 9 hours for two rounds just on a single charge
  • Battery life which can last for more than 90 days in time mode only
  • Sync with smartphone allowing you receive missed calls, texts, and email notifications
  • 1-atmosphere water resistance
  • Odometer
  • Digital and analog time display
  • Easy-to- operate buttons
  • Measures 10.25 by 1.5 by 0.5-inches
  • Weighs 2.24 ounces


It is very easy to operate and user-friendly.

It is waterproof.

The watch has remarkable battery life.

It provides accurate distance measurements.

It looks attractive.

You can sync your smartphone to the watch.


The charging clip is not friendly to use.

The golf courses updating currently only works on windows computers, so you can’t update golf courses on your Mac.

The Callaway GPSync Golf Watch is a very fashionable watch besides being a high- performance watch. This golf GPS watch enables you to know the precise distance to the front, center, and back of the green with high-level of accuracy. Considering other great features it offers, it is a perfect choice for your perfect game of golf.

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