Finding The Best Golf Watch – What To Look For.

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Have you decided to improve your game by using a golf watch?

There are lots to choose from so we are going to be looking at what makes a good golf watch for you.

What is a golf watch?

Using a golf watch is similar to using an experienced caddie.  It can help you manoeuvre around the course you are on to get the best possible round.

A golf watch can help with so much more than just finding the distance to the hole.  Using GPSa golf watch can show you hazards, varying angles to the green and club selection.

Nowadays there are many different golf watches available but in this post we look at what makes a good golf watch  


This analyses the speed of your swing. This will indicate;

  • the speed of the clubhead when it hits the ball
  • the distance of your shot,
  • upswing to downswing calculations,
  • angle of clubhead,
  • club path,
  • shaft lean ( determines the amount of loft in your shot),
  • shaft angle.

Battery Life

This is dependent on whether the watch is being used in activity(between … and … days) or GPS mode (between…hours and …hours).

The majority of golf watches use a Lithium Ion Battery.

Pre-Loaded Courses

Most of these golf watches have at least 30,000 pre-loaded courses from around the world.

Course Updates

Many watches will include free lifetime course updates. So when the courses change you’ll be in the know!

Golf Green

Green Distances

Calculating your position on the course to the green gives you the opportunity to choose your club wisely.

Greenview Graphics

Allowing you to pick the placement of the pin.  This enables you to have a better overall feel for your shot, distance and club.


Hazard Detection

Basically, things in the way, including doglegs, bunkers, trees and water hazards.


Keep track of your distance travelled not only on the course but throughout the day.

Smart Notification

Notification of calls, messages and emails.  

Calorie Counter

How many calories you are using not only on the course but through your day.

Heart Rate MonitorHeart rate monitor

Handy if you need to know how fast your heart is beating.

Game Tracking

This keeps track of your score, hole and shot you are currently on. In short, a scorecard.


Bluetooth will update your golf watch without the need for you to do it manually.

Shot History Analysis

Recap on previous course data for comparison and improvement.

Water ResistanceGolf ball

You can play in the rain!!

Anti Glare

This is useful for stopping the glare on the watch face making it easier to see on those sunny days.

Operating System

Each brand will use its own operating system delivering different functions to each watch – check out the comparison table.

Customizable straps

This helps to ensure the watch will fit snuggly without impeding your game.  They come in all different colours and sizes.


There is a difference in the size and shape of screen depending on the brand of golf watch you decide to buy.


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