Garmin Approach X40

Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf

Watch and Activity Tracker

A Review

People who are on the lookout for a nice golf watch, something decent that they can easily wear while playing golf, should consider the Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Watch and Activity Tracker.

To get things started, one of the first things that stand out about the watch is its simple display. Though simple, the display exhibits every numeric with clear precision.

The watch has a display size of 25.4x10.7mm, which shows everything very clearly. The display size also makes it easy for one to view their stats whilst playing golf.

Easy to wear and fits around your wrist with ease, the ideal display size will ensure that there isn’t a stat that you miss out during your game.

In addition, the watch also features a unique measure that shows you the precise distance right at the very front, the middle and the back and comes with notifications for hazards and doglegs as well. This means that every time there is any kind of discomfort during your game, you will be notified of what’s ahead and what to look out for.

The watch also comes preloaded with over 40,000 international golf courses for you to follow and gives you access to lifetime courses. Compatible with iOS and Android, PC and Mac, users of the watch will not find any difficulty connecting the watch with different operating systems.
the watch also comes with smart notifications that allow you to receive texts, emails, calls and social media alerts all at your own watch. For all golf lovers, this is another rare and interesting feature for two more reasons; one, the watch has an AutoShot game tracker that lets you track your shots along the fairway but it also measures their distance as well. Finally, the watch also lets you view your heart rate at the wrist day and night to provide you with more concise information regarding the total amounts of calories burnt during your game.


  • Highly smart features
  • There is no subscription charge for availing the updates
  • The precision of yardage is admirable
  • Connectivity and fitness are very helpful during outdoor activity
  • No other watch can guarantee of such huge collection of courses altogether


Though the Garmin Apporach X40 is the best you can find with so much features, it has a few cons too. They are:

  • More expensive than the similar type of GPS-enabled Golf Watch
  • The battery life is quite questionable. Li-ion battery provides 5h backup with GPS and 10h in normal mode.
  • The display often glitches due to the load of courses or features
  • Moreover, the overall style of the watch makes it a little too simple so for those who enjoy something fancy, this watch might not be a good fit as it is simple and precise in its looks.

Overall, the Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Watch and Activity Tracker is an interesting find and a reliable find for golf lovers who want constant assistance while they are playing the game. Easy to use and supportive in important situations, the watch is unique and comes in four colors so golf lovers can choose their club accordingly. If you are a fan of golf and want a watch that can guide you through thick and thin, this is made for you.

Amazon is selling this product which includes the golf gps, fitness band, USB car and wall charging adapters, protective hard carrying case and it also comes with a black gift box and red bow.

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